Workplace Investigation Training

If you’re a human resources professional, manager, or in-house counsel, the responsibility for overseeing a workplace investigation may fall on your shoulders. A workplace investigation can seem a daunting task on its own, considering all the complexities involved. Add to this the heightened expectations from courts, tribunals and adjudicators, and you may feel overwhelmed by all the demands placed upon you.

There are a number of organizations that offer workplace investigation training. What sets us apart? We wrote the definitive guide to workplace investigations – Human Resources Guide to Workplace Investigations – that is used as the ‘go-to’ book on conducting workplace investigations across the country.

Our curriculum has been developed by our team of workplace investigators whose depth of experience ensures that the quality of material covered far exceeds other products in the marketplace.

Our training sessions are practical and hands-on. Participants practice their interviewing and analytical skills by conducting a true-to-life investigation, using realistic fact patterns with actors playing the parts of complainant, respondent and witnesses. Participants also review sample reports, and receive a template for investigations that will help them conduct legally defensible investigations.

Join us as part of a diverse group of individuals at one of our public sessions or we will come to you and develop a customized, on-site session that meets your needs.

Each program is intended to provide you and your team with the necessary skills to conduct thorough and skillful investigations, and approach this work with newfound confidence.

Every participant in our workplace investigation training programs will receive precedents, checklists and templates.

Training Curriculum for 2016/2017