Workplace Assessments & Reviews

Just because you’re not hearing it, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Studies show that bad behaviour goes underground, and that most employees who experience harassment or abusive behaviour at work, do not report it. If, as a manager, you assume that all is well in your organization because you haven’t received a formal complaint, your assumption may be wrong.

Our employment lawyers use workplace assessments and reviews to gather information about your workplace culture, practices, or behaviours in order to identify the root cause, or causes, of conflicts or issues. A review can include focus groups, surveys, one-on-one interviews, policy reviews and an appraisal of policy effectiveness. It’s a temperature check of your workplace culture before it hits the boiling point.

Workplace assessments are also effective when responding to a human rights complaint that cites systemic discrimination. When used as another investigation tool, assessments can root out where systemic issues reside, and identify how these issues can be resolved.

Upon completion of a workplace assessment or review, we issue a report that identifies the root causes within the organization that are contributing to the systemic issues and dysfunction. Our reports are a broad snapshot of these workplace concerns that we use to provide recommendations that you can implement to create functional, productive workplaces.

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