One-on-One Coaching

As employment lawyers we know that situations arise where an employee may have engaged in workplace conduct that is of concern to the employer and needs to be remediated if the employment relationship is to continue. This is not only to lessen potential legal liability, but also to ensure that workplace relationships run smoothly.

Our employment lawyers address this need by providing one-on-one remedial coaching, most typically in our Toronto office. This service is particularly valued by clients for their senior level employees who may have breached the employer’s harassment and workplace discrimination policies.

One-on-one coaching can be used post-incident, post-investigation or whenever problematic behaviour comes to the attention of the employer. We create individualized coaching plans based on the unique circumstances. Employers use these custom-designed coaching sessions as part of their best practices toolkit.

The workplace behaviour that we have addressed through coaching includes: psychological and sexual harassment, human rights in the workplace, respect at work, and effective and respectful workplace communication.

For more information about our one-on-one remedial coaching, please contact us.