Customized On-site Workplace Investigation Training

Our workplace investigation training programs can be brought to your organization, and tailored to your specific workplace investigation training needs. This is often a very efficient and cost-effective way of delivering this training.

Customized workplace investigation workshops are particularly useful for employers who:

  • Wish to train multiple individuals or an entire human resources or managerial team at the same time
  • Need to standardize their workplace investigation processes
  • Are ordered by a human rights commission or tribunal or Ministry of Labour to engage in workplace investigation training as a form of remediation
  • Have a high volume of workplace complaints
  • Are introducing new workplace investigation policies and processes

Offering sessions in-house allows us to mix-and-match elements from any of the courses in our curriculum into a tailor-made program that serves your organization’s specific needs.

Please contact us to find out how we can customize a workplace investigation workshop for your company.