Respect, Diversity and Change in the Workplace Series

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Workforces are becoming far more diverse and employees are not only highly knowledgeable about their rights in the workplace, they expect respect and civility from their colleagues. Employers can feel overwhelmed by these new expectations. Can you still make “off colour” jokes at work? What happens if you accidentally use the wrong gender pronoun when talking to a trans employee? How do you ask a question about someone’s religious holiday without offending them?

This course will teach you how to navigate a diverse workforce in a way that is respectful and addresses bias.

In this one-day, two-part course, we provide a framework for how to approach cultural differences in the workplace in a way that allows you to be both comfortable and engaged with your colleagues, and addresses the natural fear of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Once you understand how to manage and navigate the expression of ‘difference’ in the workplace, we then go on to examine how to incorporate respect as part and parcel of enhancing the diversity of workplaces.

Specific content covered will include the following:

Part 1: Navigating ‘Difference’

• Identifying participants’ cultural reference points
• Reviewing contemporary concepts of diversity
• Practicing strategies to enhance cultural dexterity

Part 2: Modelling Respect

• Identifying and distinguishing discriminatory, harassing and uncivil workplace conduct
• Understanding how workplace policies can create a more civil work environment
• Practicing strategies to model respect and coach others to model respect

Participants will have the opportunity to “test” their strategies at dealing with issues that arise in diverse workplaces and showcase their ability to be culturally competent, respectful and dextrous.

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