Interviewing and Dealing with Difficult Witnesses

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How Do I Get the Best Evidence?

This course is for you if you strive to be a more effective interviewer in your workplace investigations.  After exploring many of the investigative interview techniques currently being utilized, participants will be provided with an interview model best suited to conducting internal workplace investigations.  This course will provide participants with ample opportunity to practice their interviewing skills and will also introduce participants to many challenging witnesses they might encounter, giving them tools to try and extract the best evidence from even the most difficult witness.

Specific content covered will include the following:

  • Consideration of interview structure
  • Building and maintaining rapport
  • Formulating effective questions
  • Powerful questions to ask
  • Dealing with difficult witnesses (such as the hostile witness, the gossipy witness and the reluctant witness)
  • Understanding when witnesses should be identified to the parties
  • Handling interview interruptions from union representatives, relatives, lawyers, etc.

Participants will be provided with comprehensive materials explaining these concepts and tools to better support them in their investigation practice.  Following the Rubin Thomlinson methodology of role play and problem solving, internal investigators will have the opportunity to enhance their skills and allow them to undertake interviews in their investigations with confidence.

Please note that registrants for this course must have attended Basic Workplace Investigation Techniques and the Report Writing Workshop before they can attend this session.

This course is part of our Advanced Investigation Techniques Series. Complete all 3 of the following courses:certified-advanced-investigation-techniques

plus 1 of the following courses:

to receive the Advanced Investigation Certificate.


Training Calendar

  • March 21, 2019, in Toronto