The ABCs of Investigation Techniques for Schools and School Boards

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Do your workplace investigations measure up?

Internal investigators in the education sector are often confronted with sensitive and complex complaints that run the risk of becoming highly politicized and public. If confronted by a complaint involving multiple unions, students and parents, or teachers and trustees, would you know what to do?

In this session, participants will learn the ins and outs of conducting investigations in a school board setting, including investigations into:

  • Student conduct
  • Gender-based violence allegations
  • Human rights and accommodations
  • Workplace issues

This session will include a review of investigation basics, such as credibility assessments and report-writing.

We will also cover skills specific to the school board context, such as interviewing minors and navigating relevant legislation and Ministry of Education policies. This course is designed for superintendents, principals and other individuals involved in school board investigations.


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